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Dr Chinwe Amatu

Web customised Broadcasting

Submitted - 16.05.2022

Prof Balaji Ganesh

Project assistance in Wifi-IoT-AI

Submitted - 16.05.2022

Ahmed Mustapha

Edun through Innovative Platform

Submitted - 21.05.2022

Asst. Prof. Priya RL

Transgender Community Product

Submitted - 16.05.2022

Asst. Prof. Priya RL

Digital Twin Healthcare

Submitted - 16.05.2022

Asst. Prof. Priya RL

Multiple drone in SWARM

Submitted - 22.05.2022

Dr Padmapriya Sahu

Water conservation in Rice culti.

Submitted - 23.05.2022

Igor Jurcic

New Telecom Model

Submitted - 13.07.2022