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Note - Learning Evaluation for Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is closed. Certificates will be issued by MGM University.


World Resources Webinar - A Public Member of the World Economic Forum, was seeded on 02.08.2020 during the pandemic with the support of Academics, Industry and Researchers from various parts of the world.

Global connect of expertise in new emerging technologies, inclusive of professionals, academics, researchers and innovators

Scope shall include all evolving Knowledge, Skills, Innovation and Patenting in emerging technologies

World Resources Webinar serves with noble interest and wider perspective to innovation with global inclusive development. Industry 4.0 Training, BPL Development and Voice of Innovation are independent units and driven from various parts of the globe. We intend to have no breach whatsoever, and disclaim any liablity for any damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, and consequential, leading to loss of reputation or monetary impact. We expect the same with our teaming units, members and organizations.