Voice of Innovation

Nuturing Innovation Head 

Dr Johra Khan

B.Sc,  B.Ed (Special Education), M.Sc, Ph.D (Biotech), FRCB (UK), FAHE (UK)

Faculty of Biotechnology, College of Applied Medical Sciences

Majmaah University, 11952, Majmaah, Saudi Arabia

Interested in startups related to information technology, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals. 

More than 15 years of experience as Academician, and research project development and management.  

Editor-in chief of Scicom Journal of Medical and Applied Medical Sciences.


There is a global need or a gap identified that some parts of the world is having enterprising ideas but cannot implement due to lack of technical know-how and support. Similarly the situation that is vice-versa is also seen. To link this supply demand we are creating a setup, which can constantly pick ideas for actionable intend and coordinate with technical groups across the world, wherever available, to work on real requirement projects. Later connecting and routing them to carryout right IPR documentation, facilitating or guiding them to seeding capital that can facilitate better spinoff of innovation. This will be matching of ideas with project teams, who have sufficient capability to absorb Idea and make it a reality. 

Facilitating the process, nurturing, monitoring virtually, guiding through experts and progressive milestones is a right way to make innovation a success. Through this various institutions can collaborate for inter institutional projects. 

This would help in realisation of  acceptance towards inclusive development and open avenue to scan for gaps and course corrections. 

World Resources Webinar would be an enabler to this innovation,  bridging action for realisation process as a partner to link the ideators and the project team through their collaborating institutions. 

This is a virtual connection activity, here action speaks loud, heard, and stays. 

This is a real Innovation connecting tool. 

Process flow 

If you have any idea of such please let us know, through a five minutes mp3 audio recording of your idea, emailed to us at worldresourceswebinar@gmail.com, along with 

Voice of Innovation

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